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Looking to Recruit Housekeeping Staff?

We may be able to help. The housekeepers we source from EU countries such as Hungary, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Latvia etc. for you are grouped into 2 categories. Being a multicultural website, we do not discriminate against any of the 10 east europe EU countries and unless there is a specific need for a particular language in your establishment, we consider all candidates / applicants equally on their own merit.

1. Live in Housekeepers
These are hard working reliable individuals looking for work as housekeepers in a live in capacity only. Depending on the nature of the job as well as their backgrounds, they will expect suitable accommodation , this may be their own flat or a private ideally ensuite room. The housekeeper found for you will reflect the nature of the job. Hotels/ Guesthouses will be provided with experienced ladies that speak decent english. Private homes/ estates may be provided with educated ladies who may not have paid cleaning experience, but have lots of experience of running their own personal households and children while maintaining professional jobs. Your job description and package offered will to a large extent determine the individual.

2. Live out housekeepers
Similiar to the live in positions above, however, these are ladies or men that are happy to work on a live out basis.

3. Housekeeping couples As above, except these are a husband and wife / boyfriend and girlfriend looking for a joint position within a hotel, guesthouse, large home, country estate.

Housekeeping staff are not limited to just England, Scotland or Ireland, we are happy to find people willing to work in France, Switzerland in particular, as well as other EU/ EEA countries.

Please get in touch with us using the contact us page and clearly outline your requirements.

Housekeeping Recruitment FAQs

1. Will my housekeeper perform nanny duties?
Ans. Generally speaking a person employed as a housekeeper will not undertake nanny duties, however, if you require a live in housekeeper to also act as a nanny (nanny-housekeeper), please make this clear in your job description to make the candidate fully aware of this requirement before they begin their duties to avoid misunderstanding as not all housekeepers like to deal with children.

2. Can i employ a live out housekeeper?
Ans. Yes, you are perfectly entitled to employ a live in or live out housekeeper, however, for most east europe eu migrant staff they will be looking for live in positions as secure cheap or free accommodation is the most important thing to them.

3. How much do i need to pay my housekeeper?
Ans. This depends entirely on your budget, the quality of service you require, size of premises as well as the hours of work required. Generally speaking a fulltime housekeeper will expect a salary of between £200 - 350 / 250 - 400 euros a week depending on their background plus several weeks paid holidays a year.

4. Can i pay her/him in cash?
Ans. It is entirely up to you, how you wish to pay your domestic staff, however, to avoid confusion, disagreements or breaching local employment law, paying money by cheque or into bank accounts and keeping records is proper practice.

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