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Looking to Employ Care Staff?

We may be able to help. The carers we source from the ten east europe eu countries such as Hungary, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria etc. for you are grouped into three categories.

1. Care Assistants for Care Homes
These are hard working reliable individuals looking for work as a carer, they may not have care experience but will undergo the normal 2-5 days training as required by care home providers. While these positions are mainly live out, employers who do not have staff accommodation are expected to help migrant staff to find suitable cheap rooms in the local area and possibly cover the first few weeks rent for them until they start getting paid.

2. Live in Personal Carers
Sympathetic experienced carers, usually females over 28 but can be male or younger. Happy to look after your disabled or elderly relative or friend on a fulltime 24/7 basis with the odd day off for themselves. Your salary offer for them should reflect the amount of time(number of days and hours), they need to devote to the client. A 5 1/2 to 6 day work shift with a 1 or 2 days off(if cover available) and statutory holidays tends to work best. Where the live in carer is not experienced, they will usually be mothers that have brought up children and are sympathetic and familiar with the needs of looking after people in a private home.

3. Community Carers

Please Note: We no longer deal with community carer requests. This has been our policy since 2012.

The care industry and recruitment of carers has changed fundamentally since this page was originally created "in the early years" after EU accession of various EE countries. We will be rewriting this page soon to reflect the current 2016 situation.

We tend to be generally over subscribed with regards to carer and nursing requests from employers. In any given month we are anything between 100% and 400% capacity. While we try our best, it is impossible to always deal with such large numbers of requests.

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