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Czech Republic - A Bohemian Paradise

by www.EasternEuropeans.co.uk
Czech Republic - A Bohemian Paradise
While choosing your next vacation spot, consider the Czech Republic. Landlocked on all sides by Poland, Germany, Austria, and Slovakia, Prague is the capital and largest city. Although Prague is most visited by tourists, the surroundings areas also offer great attractions.

With beginnings dating back to the Neolithic era, the Czech Republic has been the setting for many battles and wars. Most of these were religious wars during the 15th and 17th centuries, eventually leading to a ban of all religions except Catholicism. The Czech Republic, still part of Czechoslovakia, was considered a communist state, but was returned to democracy in 1989 with "The Velvet Revolution". The separation of Slavia and the Czech Republic gave it it's independence in 1991 and is now part of the European Union.

The Czech Republic hosts comfortable climatic conditions, cultural-historical monuments, and attractive nature that makes the Czech Republic a highly sought after vacation spot. Although the forests and mountains have been cultivated since ancient times, you can still find wild areas that are untouched. This adds to the attractiveness of the Czech Republic. There are natural wonders, caves, and beautiful vegetation to explore while in the Czech Republic. Most travellers consider the Czech Republic to be one of the most relaxing vacation spots in Europe.

The Czech Republic is littered with historic sights. It seems that every town has it's own castle. You will also want to visit the Sedlec ossuary. Although a bit morbid, this interesting place houses human bones from the plague area. You might want to check out the town of Telc. Telc has a gorgeous town square that is one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Don't miss Petrin Gardens while in the Czech Republic. Possibly one of the most idyllic spots in the city, the Petrin Gardens offer amazing views of the state. There is a rose garden planted around a children's maze on street level, while on top there is an observatory and two formal gardens. Also, there is an Observation tower modelled after the Eiffel Tower. From here you can observe the magnificent views. This is quite a climb uphill, so ride the cable cars up and enjoy the beautiful sight filled walk down.

The Czech Republic is known for it's sporting events. Some of the most famous sportsmen and women are featured in the Czech Republic. Sporting events include such favourites as the Golden Spike, The Prague International Marathon, Motor and Horse racing, and winter sports. You can also find sporting activities while on vacation in the Czech Republic making this a nice fitness retreat as well.

The Czech Republic is also rich in music and literature. Having musical roots in opera and symphony, you can also treat your ears to the traditional music of Bohemia and Moravia. Often the two genres combine for an interesting combination, sure to please. Literature in the Czech Republic has an interesting history. Although a lot of writers were from the area, they wrote in different languages. This set them apart and made their works to be considered of a different country.

Although the cuisine in the Czech Republic isn't exactly considered for the health conscious, there are many dishes that you can enjoy while there. The main courses of Czech meals consist of meats, with pork being a main favourite. Czech meals usually consist of a soup, main course, and dessert. The beverages range from beer (the national drink), orange juice, apple juice, soda, coffee, and tea with sugar and lemon. These decadent meals are full of tradition and worth the few extra calories.

There are a ton of things to occupy your time during the day in the Czech Republic, however, the nightlife is far from lacking. Night time entertainment includes pubs, dance clubs, casinos, jazz clubs and much more! You will be able to find night time entertainment, no matter what your fancy!

The Czech Republic is rich in history and has a beautiful landscape. This is one of the most versatile and interesting places that one can visit in Europe. Travelling to the Czech Republic isn't a task, due to it's local. You won't want to miss the beauty and relaxation that is offered with a visit to the Czech Republic.

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Czech Republic

Population: 10.2m
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Internet users: 45.2 million


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Religions: Roman Catholic 52%
Internet users: 5.8 million


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UK Romanian Pop: ?
Size: 237,500 sq km
Capital: Bucharest, 2.2m
Per Capita $11,500(2009)
Language: Romanian (official 91%), Hungarian 6.7%, Other 2%
Religions: Romanian Orthodox 87%
Internet users: 6.1million


Population: 46m
UK Ukrainian Pop: ?
Size: 603,700 sq km
Capital: Keiv, 3.2m
Per Capita $6,300(2009)
Language: Ukrainian 67%, Russian 24%
Religions: Ukrainian Orthodox (Kiev Patriarchate) 19%
Internet users: 10.3million


Population: 3.6m
UK Lithuania Pop: ?
Size: 65,200 sq km
Capital: Vilnius, 0.5m
Per Capita $15,500(2009)
Language: Lithuanian 82% (official), Russian 8%, Polish 6%
Religions: Roman Catholic 79%, Russian Orthodox 4%
Internet users: 1.7million


Population: 1.3m
UK Estonia Pop: ?
Size: 43,211 sq km
Capital: Tallinn, 0.5m
Per Capita $16,400/£8325
Language: Estonian 67% (official), Russian 30%
Religions: Evangelical Lutheran 14%, Russian Orthodox 13%
Internet users: 880,000


Population: 7.3m
UK Bulgarian Pop: 30,000
Size: 110,549 sq km
Capital: Sofia, 1.1m
Per Capita $12,500
Language: Bulgarian 85%, Turkish 10%, Roma 4%
Religions: Bulgarian Orthodox 83%, Islam 12%
Internet users: 2.6m


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UK Latvia Pop: ?
Size: 64,589 sq km
Capital: Riga, 0.8m
Per Capita $14,400 (2009)
Language: Latvian 58%, Russian 37%, Other 4%
Religions: Lutheran 19.6%, Orthodox 15.3%
Internet users: 1.2m