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Club fire highlights problems in Romanian Healthcare System
When fire broke out during an October 30 concert at the Collectiv nightclub in Bucharest, Romania, 162 people were injured in addition to at least 49 concert goers who died in the blaze itself and in a stampede toward the building’s only exit. Romanian hospitals were overwhelmed with the influx of patients and lacked the facilities, the medical staff and the medicine to cope with the serious burns that many of the injured concertgoers suffered.

Differences between Minimum wage compared across Europe
Many countries in Europe operate under a set statutory minimum wage that ensure that workers get paid a reasonable salary. The minimum wage is important as it prevents the exploitation of such people by unscrupulous businesses and employers. Also, one can know the least amount to expect when they apply for a job for the day.

Could the UK Healthcare system survive without EU Nurses and Carers?
In 2004 European Parliament and the Council Directives made certain provisions for Eastern European countries from the A8 to join the EU. Part of this influx has been EU Nurses and EU Care Workers who can work in the UK and provide quality labour skills.

Why the UK Faces a Nursing Shortage
The United Kingdom currently maintains significant unfilled nursing vacancies. Many experts believe the problem will increase in scope in the future unless policy makers take prompt corrective action to address the issue.This article briefly explores the debate concerning the number of nurses in the UK. It also examines some of the possible reasons underlying the current shortage.

Differences between a Nanny and Au pair

Benefits of Recruiting a Live in Nanny

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Population: 5.4m
UK Slovak Pop: ?
Size: 48,845 sq km
Capital: Bratislava, 0.4m
Per Capita $21,900 (2009)
Language: Slovak 84%, Hungarian 10.7%,
Religions: Roman Catholic 69%, Protestant 11%
Internet users: 3.5million

Czech Republic

Population: 10.2m
UK Czech Pop: ?
Size: 78,866 sq km
Capital: Prague, 1.3m
Per Capita $24,900 (2009)
Language: Czech 94%, Slovak 2%
Religions: Roman Catholic 27%, Protestant 2%
Internet users: 6million


Population: 38.5m
UK Polish Pop: estimated 0.75m
Size: 312,685 sq km
Capital: Warsaw, 2.2m
Per Capita $17,900 (2009)
Language: Polish 98%, Other 2%
Religions: Roman Catholic 90%
Internet users: 18.6 million


Population: 140m
UK Russian Pop: ?
Size: 17,075,200 sq km
Capital: Moscow, 10.7m
Per Capita $15,100 (2009)
Language: Russian 100%
Religions: Russian Orthodox 15%20%
Internet users: 45.2 million


Population: 10m
UK Hungarian Pop: ?
Size: 93,030 sq km
Capital: Budapest, 2.6m
Per Capita $18,800 (2009)
Language: Magyar (Hungarian) 94%
Religions: Roman Catholic 52%
Internet users: 5.8 million


Population: 22.3m
UK Romanian Pop: ?
Size: 237,500 sq km
Capital: Bucharest, 2.2m
Per Capita $11,500(2009)
Language: Romanian (official 91%), Hungarian 6.7%, Other 2%
Religions: Romanian Orthodox 87%
Internet users: 6.1million


Population: 46m
UK Ukrainian Pop: ?
Size: 603,700 sq km
Capital: Keiv, 3.2m
Per Capita $6,300(2009)
Language: Ukrainian 67%, Russian 24%
Religions: Ukrainian Orthodox (Kiev Patriarchate) 19%
Internet users: 10.3million


Population: 3.6m
UK Lithuania Pop: ?
Size: 65,200 sq km
Capital: Vilnius, 0.5m
Per Capita $15,500(2009)
Language: Lithuanian 82% (official), Russian 8%, Polish 6%
Religions: Roman Catholic 79%, Russian Orthodox 4%
Internet users: 1.7million


Population: 1.3m
UK Estonia Pop: ?
Size: 43,211 sq km
Capital: Tallinn, 0.5m
Per Capita $16,400/£8325
Language: Estonian 67% (official), Russian 30%
Religions: Evangelical Lutheran 14%, Russian Orthodox 13%
Internet users: 880,000


Population: 7.3m
UK Bulgarian Pop: 30,000
Size: 110,549 sq km
Capital: Sofia, 1.1m
Per Capita $12,500
Language: Bulgarian 85%, Turkish 10%, Roma 4%
Religions: Bulgarian Orthodox 83%, Islam 12%
Internet users: 2.6m


Population: 2.2m
UK Latvia Pop: ?
Size: 64,589 sq km
Capital: Riga, 0.8m
Per Capita $14,400 (2009)
Language: Latvian 58%, Russian 37%, Other 4%
Religions: Lutheran 19.6%, Orthodox 15.3%
Internet users: 1.2m