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Czech Music Concert.

'Chocen Czech Choir, London 23rd June 2012'
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Czech music concert on Saturday 23 June 2012 7.30pm by Cantus, Czech choir from Chocen (East Bohemia)

in conjunction with the Islington based choir Intimate Voices in St Thomas’ Church in Finsbury Park, London.

Admission £10/ £5 concessions.

Tickets will be available at the door or in advance on 0207 359 3729.

St Thomas’ Church, (Corner of St Thomas' Rd and Monsell Rd), N4 2QP,is close to Finsbury Park and Arsenal stations.
Jiri Trnka, Famous Czech Animator, BFI, London.

'Jiri Trnka at the British Film Institute April 2012'
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Trnka first established himself as an illustrator and stage designer before co-founding Trick Brothers in May 1945. After a handful of cartoons (initially Disney-influenced, but Trnka's own personality quickly asserted itself), he took a huge professional gamble by founding a dedicated puppet film studio and making a feature - albeit one comprising six discrete parts, distributable separately if necessary. He needn't have worried: The Czech Year (1947) opened to an ecstatic domestic reception, not least because it was so proudly Czech from roots to realisation, just two years after the country emerged from Nazi occupation.

Trnka developed and refined his art over the next decade, reaching a creative if not commercial peak with his sixth and final feature, A Midsummer Night's Dream (1959). He also adapted Hans Christian Andersen (The Emperor's Nightingale, 1948), Bozena Nemcová (Prince Bayaya, 1950), Jaroslav Hasek (The Good Soldier Svejk, 1955) and tales from the dawn of his nation's cultural and historical memory (Old Czech Legends, 1953), transforming them into exquisitely delicate, often wordless film-ballets, his puppets' complex vocabularies of gesture and movement effectively rediscovering what the cinema had largely lost since the silent era: a truly international language.

Trnka's 1960s films were sparser and bleaker, culminating in his final masterpiece The Hand (1965), a heartbreaking portrait of the artist under totalitarian oppression that was the closest that Trnka came to his compatriot Franz Kafka's paranoid universe. Despite this late foray into explicit political criticism, the Czechoslovak Communist authorities honoured Trnka with a full state funeral when he died four years later.

Curated by Renata Clark and Michaela Mertová. Organised in collaboration with the Czech Centre London and Czech National Film Archive.

screening between 2nd and 27th of April 2012, for event listings, see link below.

The Hermitage Ensemble - Russian Orthodox Singers .

'April 30th, 2012, 7.30pm, St Mary's Church, Gressenhall NR19 2QQ'
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The Hermitage Ensemble consists of five male soloists who sing, accompanied only by one another. They sound like a Slavic barber shop quartet one minute and the massed ranks of the Red Army the next. Every choirmaster and every singer in the area should go and hear them because their sound and their musicality are quite unique. They are, as individuals, at home in the opera houses and concert halls of St Petersburg but they see it as the goal of their ensemble to maintain the Russian traditions of church music and folk music.

The first half is serious stuff - starting with a sequence of Russian Orthodox religious pieces the first of which , 'Praise the Lord from the Heavens' , is an extended 'anthem' by Bortnyansky , a contemporary of Beethoven and the founder of 'modern' Russian choral style . It establishes immediately the features and qualities that go on to thrill throughout the concert - most strikingly the arresting Russian vibrancy, resonance and intensity of expression which are maintained even in slow and hushed movements.

After the interval, the mood changes. The rich tapestry of the Russian Folk tradition is expressed in a variety of exuberant and melancholy melodies. Only the balalaikas and Cossack dancers are missing. The church in Russia was almost entirely suppressed during the communist period and the music was not sung (it never was accompanied by instruments) except privately. Reviving the tradition when the regime relaxed its control over culture must have needed much love and hard work. But the rites of the church and the churches themselves seem to be flourishing in modern Russia.

The folk and national songs, on the other hand, became the pop music of the socialist times and were brought to the West by massive touring groups of The Red Army.

Tickets are £12.50 including wine and refreshments.

Email - barbara@camelhome.co.uk

Tel- 01362 860102

More information about the singers can be found on their website
Barbican Cinema, London.

'Pan's Labyrinth 12th October 2011'
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To mark the 20th anniversary of MEDIA's support for European cinema, the Barbican is pleased to be screening Amelie (2001) and Pan's Labyrinth (2006) back-to-back.

Set in Paris, Amelie follows a young waitress who wants to bring happiness to those around her. Through her vivid imagination the film is a sensational experience with rich colours, fast editing and a beautiful soundtrack. Audrey Tautou shot to fame after making Amelie and is perfect as the doe-eyed and sweet natured herione.

Taking a slightly darker tone Pan's Labyrinth is set just after the Spanish Civil War. The film follows the young Ofelia who has been sent to live with her Franco-ist stepfather. To escape from the evil and heart-break Ofelia is faced with she, like Amelie, goes into an imaginary world with huge frogs and a create with eyes on his hands.

This is an event full of intrigue, fantasy and emotion that should not be missed.

Barbican Centre
Silk Street, London
Polish Comedy Tour , October 2011.

'Polish comedy trio Ani Mru Mru return to England'
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This autumn the hilarious and critically acclaimed Polish comedy group return to England for seven magnificent events. Ani Mru Mru, the award winning, satirical comedy trio will be entertaining their audience with a mix of classic and brand-new numbers. Having performed their sell out shows across Europe and USA, Ani Mru Mru are sure to give a show stopping performance to their audience.

The group will start this year's tour in Bristol on 4th October, then moving around the rest of England to perform in: Leicester (06/10), Manchester (07/10) and twice in Sheffield (8/10). The great finale will be two concerts in Birmingham on Sunday, 9th October 2011.

Ani Mru Mru provides energetic, clever and sharp sketches that are excellent in showing the friendly Polish character. Since winning "Wyjscie z Cienia" (Exit the Shadow) award during the National Festival of Student Cabarets (2000) the group went from strength to strength gaining many prestigious awards and performing with established worldwide artists such as Michael Palin of Monty Python.

Ani Mru Mru tour is organised by www.leeds-manchester.pl, a popular community service for Polish nationals living in the North of England. Marcin Kwiatkowski of leeds-manchester.pl guarantees "the biggest laugh that money can buy!" It is a great chance to put a smile into a wet day, meet other people and share the universal language of laughter

Tickets for the Ani Mru Mru performances cost as little as £18 in advance and £20 on the day of the event and are available on www.ticketweb.co.uk or from various outlets which addresses can be found on www.leeds-manchester.pl/animrumru . There is no age restriction to enter the venue so bring your family and friends and enjoy this magnificent performance.

Show Performances with Locaations, dates and Times below

04.10.2011 Bristol St Georges Bristol, Great George Street, Off Park Street, BS1 5RR 8.00pm

06.10.2011 Leicester The Y Theatre, 7 East Street, Leicester, LE1 6EY 8.00pm

07.10.2011 Manchester Dancehouse Theatre, 10 Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 5QA 8.00pm

08.10.2011 Sheffield Montgomery Theatre, Surrey Street, Sheffield, S1 2LG 4.00pm

08.10.2011 Sheffield Montgomery Theatre, Surrey Street, Sheffield, S1 2LG 8.00pm

09.10.2011 Birmingham The Drum Theatre, 144 Potters Lane, Aston, Birmingham, B6 4UU 4.00pm

09.10.2011 Birmingham The Drum Theatre, 144 Potters Lane, Aston, Birmingham, B6 4UU 8.00pm
One Night in the Amazon.

'Jungle Themed Costume Party, 25th June, 2011, Hammersmith, London'
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'One night in the Amazon' Is going to be fun jungle themed costume party, a charity fundraising event which will be organized by Tolerance International UK, to take place on Saturday the 25th of June 2011.
Doors open from 6pm-1am
Brook Green hotel- Young's Pub
170 shepherd's bush road, Hammersmith, W6 7PB.

The night will be infused with live entertainment, with a combination of English and Latin music, a little bit of stand-up comedy and a fun casual fashion show to portray some of costumes that will be worn by the audience and a whole lot of prizes to give away for the best costumes and raffle draw winners. Entrance Fee is £5 (inclusive of one raffle ticket free) all proceeds will go to the Human & Habitat campaign which aims at bringing about socio-economic integrity through doing justice to the environment and the people of Peru. The campaign tackles the pressing issues of environmental degradation and poverty afflictions and how these issues affect each other. It embraces the recognition of this relationship as the only way towards providing a long term answer. H&H's Peru Green Initiative and Reforestation Programme works by providing the communities in "Loreto" in Peru with the training, knowledge and means needed for them to practice reforestation and a forestation of the region; by initially providing them with immediate sustenance, then providing income for trees they plant and for their subsequent management and preservation of these trees.

For more information on the charity organization, "Tolerance International UK" please visit our website http://www.toleranceinternational.org.uk/ and for further details on the event "One Night In The Amazon" and the "Human & Habitat Campaign", Please email Ms Fleur Mendes on events@toleranceinternational.org.uk or call 020 7603 0062
Gorton Monastery, Gorton, Manchester.

'Eastern Voices' - a concert of sacred choral music by Eastern European composers '
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Saturday 25 June 2011, 7.30 pm
The Monastery, Gorton, Manchester
Sacred choral music of Eastern Europe including Janácek, Kodály, Dvorák and Górecki

St George's Singers, conductor Neil Taylor
Soloists: Richard Dowling (tenor), Louise Thomson (harp)

Programme includes:
Kodaly - Missa Brevis, Pange Lingua

Janacek - Otce Nas, Mass in E flat
Dvorak - Zigeunermelodien
Gorecki - Totus Tuus
Dussek - Harp sonata
Tickets: £12, £10 concessions, £2 students/children
Tel: 01663 764012, email tickets@st-georges-singers.org.uk

Groups Discounts /Transport available

Information: www.st-georges-singers.org.uk
The Friends of Czech Historic Buildings,Gardens and Parks.

'A lecture on Prague Castle by Dr Irena Murray-Zantovska 4th May 2011, London'
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A lecture by Dr Irena Murray-Zantovska & Sir Banister Fletcher Director, British Architectural Library, RIBA

The lecture takes as its focus Prague Castle at the end of World War I and the efforts of Thomas Garrigue Masaryk, Czechoslovakia's first president, to 'democratise' the vast complex of historic structures that formed it. To this end, Masaryk engaged the help of the Slovenian architect Joze Plecnik (1872- 1957) who brilliantly transformed the Castle courtyards and gardens, unified and enhanced manifold spaces and created a unique apartment within the Castle for the President and his family.

The story of the Castle's transformation will unfold against an important body of largely unpublished correspondence between Plecnik and Alice Garrigue Masaryk (1879-1966) who represented her father in his role as patron and served as a conduit between him, the Castle Administration and the architect.

4th May 2011 at 6.30pm
Royal Institute of British Architects,
66 Portland Place, London W1B 1AD.
Underground: Oxford Circus

Tickets - £15 each, donations also welcome.
For more information email events@czechfriends.net or click on the image for full details
Hermitage Ensemble from St Petersburg Russia.

'Concert of Russian Sacred Hymns & Folk Songs 9th May 2011 Warsop'
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The Hermitage Ensemble is a group of five professional soloists from St Petersburg in Russia. They will be visiting England for a 4 week tour starting in April this year. They aim to help Christians in this country raise funds for their churches. We are lucky to be accepted and included in their tour.
They perform only one night in each venue. The evening consists of 2 parts, the first being a formal presentation of sacred songs, appropriate for any church. The second part takes a more informal flavour; the group change from evening dress into traditional costume and entertain us with Russian folk songs. So a varied evening filled with a promise of entertainment that is different.
Tickets will be made available to churches in the diocese & deanery as we need to fill the church to maximise this rare opportunity, so do book your tickets early.

Contact tickets@warsopparishcentre.org.uk or Tel 01623 844720/847416

Venue - St Peter & St Paul's Church Warsop , Notts.

Monday May 9th 2011 @ 7.30pm

If you would like to find out more about the group, try their website, http://hermitage.seenworks.com
a Night of Boleros - Live.

'Latin Love Songs with Velez, London 8th April 2011'
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Enjoy a night of Romantic and Passionate Latin american music at the Bolivar Hall with the launch of Boleros love songs with Velez.

Tickets - £12 includes free glass of wine.
Time - 7:30pm on the 8th of April 2011

Bolivar Hall
Grafton Way
London, W1
Nearest station - warren street.

For tickets email - velezfa@gmail.com , call - 07957 638 455
British Film Institute Presents.

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We introduce the visionary films of a great Czech filmmaker.
1st - 30th September 2010
Frantisek Vlácil's poetic and metaphorical films are among the most impressive in the history of Czech cinema. He began his career in the 50s, making his first solo feature, The White Dove, in 1960. A prizewinner at Venice, its simple storyline was wedded to a complex web of image, sound and rhythm. Vlácil's work is distinguished by its enormous visual power, and a preoccupation with the image reminiscent of Eisenstein, Antonioni or Tarkovsky. Films in the season range from Adelheid - a compelling love story set in the aftermath of World War Two in the Sudetenland to The Valley of the Bees a powerful tale of religious intolerance and sexual passion. We look forward to welcoming Film historian Peter Hames on 2 September as he introduces the season and explores Frantisek Vlácil's remarkable historical films.


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3.30pm Sun 27 June LA HIJA DEL GENERAL
Despite being a socialist, a single parent and an agnostic, Dr. Michelle Bachelet succeeds in becoming the first woman President of Chile, one of South America’s most conservative nations, and captures the attention of the world’s press with her singularly female way of engaging with politics.

In 2002, two filmmakers travelled to Colombia to document the campaign of controversial presidential candidate, Ingrid Betancourt, who was risking her life by denouncing Colombian politicians linked to drug cartels. As her family pleaded with the Colombian people for solidarity, Ingrid spent Election Day deep in the Colombian jungle—a hostage.
PLUS DISCUSSIONS hosted by Oscar Guardiola (Colombian writer and cultural critic) with:
Lorna Scott Fox a journalist and critic who lived in Chile as a diplomat’s child and has written about the situation of Chile under President Michelle Bachelet, from a woman’s perspective;

Mauricio Rodríguez Múnera the current Ambassador of Colombia in UK and was Founder a of Portafolio, Colombia’s most prominent economic newspaper.

See the Double Bill for £12

BOX OFFICE 020 7328 1000
Tricycle Theatre, Cinema & Gallery
269 Kilburn High Road
World Music Festival.
world music festival
' World Sacred Music Festival. 10th to 18th October 2009. Brighton'
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To kick off the Festival, we are bringing over Marlui Miranda from Brazil who will perform Songs from the Amazon on Saturday, October 10th.
Brazilian singer, composer and researcher Marlui Miranda has studied the musical traditions of the Brazilian Indians for three decades and is widely recognised as the leading performer of Amazonian indigenous music.

The event will begin with a workshop at 2:00pm Learn stories, dances and songs with Marlui at our workshop from 2-4pm. Brighton Unitarian Church, New Road, Brighton, 10/10/09.

That evening, she and British multi-instrumentalist Ravi will then perform chants and songs from the rainforest, and cross musical boundaries between South America, Africa and the UK. Saturday, 10/10/009 from 8pm. St Andrew’s Church, Waterloo Street, Brighton

for full details of all the events for the festival visit www.worldsacredmusic.org

' The Latin American cult Sendural event. 12th and 19th June 2009. London'
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Enjoy "Jovenes sin Fronteras" the oral history latest documentary on the young Latin Americans in London, focusing on their dreams and migration.

Featuring the contribution of contemporary artists, pioneers on carnival arts such as Mandingan arts, and young Latin American urban musicians such as Sonido Callejero, Nuevo Gobierno, and different folk dance groups this a great opportunity to share their dreams and realities as well as their constant cultural participation and contribution to the the capital city of London.

Traditional Bolivian dancers
Also Celebrate Refugee Week as Southwark libraries and the Southwark refugee artist network present: "Suenos" a Latin American cultural event at Peckham library in collaboration with www.properuvianartuk.com on Friday June 19 2009, 5pm to 9pm. A range of events will be taking place throughout the evening, including:

* "Jovenes sin fronteras" documentary about the contribution to London’s cultural life made by young Latin American people. Presented by Sofia Buchuck, singer and poet
* Bolivian Dance Workshop lead by Gladys Medina and Bolivian dancers.
* Maria Eugenia Bravo, Chilean poet and writer
* superb Reggaeton from Indio Lirico
* Carlos Paul, Ecuadorian singer songwriter
* large collection of Spanish language books available to borrow on the day
* free refreshments and surprise gifts

For further information about this free event please contact Mike Prendergast on 020 7394 5686. Contact us
For further information or if you have any comments and suggestions about our services please contact us. Southwark libraries
Tel: 020 7525 2000
Fax: 020 7525 1568
email - southwark.libraries@southwark.gov.uk

Culture, libraries learning and leisure
Chatelaine House
186 Walworth Road
SE17 1JJ

Trailer of Jovenes sin fronteras on you tube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8HZEh4PoE0
Legendary Amazonian spirits of life.

Click for full details








Camilo Menjura Wilmer Zifontes

Marco Valencia Yohnny Rodriguez

Venue: BOLIVAR HALL, Grafton Way, London WIT 5DL

Tel: 0207 9249359 Mob:07746972240

website - www.properuvianartuk.com    email - taruquita@hotmail.com

Supported by the BBC children in need and the em
Polish Spring Festival.

'February - May 2009. The roots of this event are four hundred years old and spread across a continent. From Scotland to Poland and back again'
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February - May 2009
Polish Spring Festival
Perth Theatre , Scotland

The roots of this event are four hundred years old and spread across a continent. From Scotland to Poland and back again, centuries of migration have sown the seeds for a shared cultural landscape. And now the fruits of this unique relationship are set to flourish in a whole season of exceptional events at Perth Theatre and Perth Concert Hall . Polish Spring adds a 21st Century twist to this artistic alliance by bringing together Poland's top rock and comedy groups, Kult and Ani Mru Mru, alongside acclaimed Scots folk, digital art and outstanding classical acts in a celebration of the comings and goings of Scots and Poles through theatre, music, comedy and art.
Click here for full details and tickets
Dance - Latin Fever.
Latin Dance Fever, London
'27 May - 28 June 2009 , Dance - Latin Fever'
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27 May - 28 June 2009
Dance - Latin Fever
Peacock Theatre, Portugal Street, London WC2

An explosion of Brazilian rhythms at the Carnival in Rio begins the glamorous journey, before the audience is transported to the sultry clubs of Buenos Aires to be seduced by the passion and intensity of the tango. Cuba beckons with the cheeky cha-cha-cha and rumba, and then it's time to boogie to the American dance halls of the 1920s for the swing and jitterbug. The voyage continues in Spain where the passion, aggression and drama of the bullrings is brought to life in the glorious paso doblè.
Click here for full details and tickets
Colombiage colombia festival
'Colombiage, the UKs first major annual celebration of contemporary Colombian arts and culture'
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Colombiage was launched in 2007 with the aim of showing the rest of the world the richness and diversity of Colombian culture while giving birth to a creative platform of intercultural exchange between Colombia and the UK.
Following on from the incredible success of last year’s edition, which attracted audiences from all over London, Colombiage is returning to London from the 16th to the 19th of October, 2008 across two venues presenting Colombia’s newest and most exciting talent in Music, Literature and Film.
The line-up for this year includes the gala screening and UK premiere at the Odeon Covent Garden of the critically acclaimed Satanas (d: Andy Baiz) on Thursday, October 16th, based on the novel by the award-winning author Mario Mendoza. The premiere will be followed by a screen talk with Mendoza and a launch party at the legendary Soho Revue Bar, featuring an anglo-colombian DJ set.
On Saturday and Sunday, October 18th and 19th, Colombiage will move to the famed Riverside Studios and feature a series of concerts, film screenings, talks, Q&A’s and children workshops. Both nights will feature a concert by Lucia Pulido, one of the richest voices on the international Latin American scene, and Bomba Estéreo, the new sound of Colombian cumbia and electronica direct from Bogotá.
Colombian writers include Mendoza, the award winning short story writer Juan Carlos Botero and the acclaimed novelist Evelio Rosero.

Colombiage will also feature British biographer Gerald Martin, talking about his forthcoming publication of the authorised Gabriel Garcia Marquez biography, A Life.

Our impressive film line up this year includes The Wandering Shadows (d: Ciro Guerra), Bluff (d: Felipe Matinez), Espectro (d: Felipe Orozco) as well as the UK premiere of Del Palenque de San Basilio, a documentary by leading director Erwin Goggle. We are also delighted to introduce our Family Programme, ‘A Journey through Colombia’, for 5 to 11 year olds.

The Colombian View Project

Three London-based Colombian photographers display images capturing life in both the UK and Colombia. Portraits, landscapes and architectural abstractions feature highly in this captivating insight into two such equally rich and diverse cultures.

A great opportunity to see fresh artistic talent previously unexposed in London. Photographers featuring in the exhibition: Hector Mora, Leo Paesano Duque and Ed Beron.

About Hector Mora

Hector is a Colombian photographer who changed his career in Advertising for a Camera and the love of photography.

After graduating from university, Hector worked for an advertising agency in Bogotá before seizing the chance to uproot and move to London where he has been living for nearly five years.

The diversity of London, and the strong contrast with his native Bogotá has motivated Hector to develop his fondness for photography. His work is inspired by his environment and his eclectic view of the urban surroundings. The focuses of his compositions are primarily directed by his use of light and contrast in colour, which give his photographs a contemporary edge.

He now works as a successful freelance photographer. In 2007 Hector joined the Colombiage team where he was fortunate enough to combine two of his passions, photography and Colombia.

About Leonardo Paesano

Leonardo was born in Armenia, Colombia; at the age of 19, he moved to London where he discovered his passion for photography. After several courses in photography he then took his knowledge and skills to community groups, where he began running workshops with young children.

As a freelance photographer, Leonardo has documented various community, arts and campaign events. This experience has given him the opportunity to experiment with live settings and take his art to a whole new level.

In the past few years he has concentrated his skills and time within New Generation, a Latin American Arts Collective and Refugee Youth group, which works with young people across London. Working with a team of other photographers, he ran a three-month photography project for young Latin Americans. The project was a great success with their final work being exhibited at City Hall. A project that has allowed Leo to pass on his knowledge and skills, and to share and renew his interests with others. His vision for the future is to connect England and Colombia, or Europe and Latin America, through social, community photography projects.

About Ed Beron

Since the early 1990’s, Ed’s work has involved the creation of conceptually based, socio-political photographic images that deal with memories of the past: images that have been part of his childhood and his adult experience. His work also addresses Diaspora, displacement, identity, gender and, most importantly, the underlying threads of violence and danger that appear to underpin our society. In portraiture work, his focus is to capture the real movements of the individual. In composing and taking a portrait, he isnot only aiming to depict what the person looks like, but also to represent that which is a true reflection of who they are. Ed obtained his BA in Fine Art at London Metropoitan University, London earlier this year.

SATURDAY / October 18 2008 / Riverside Studios

THE WANDERING SHADOWS (LA SOMBRA DEL CAMINANTE) (15) 2.30pm Ciro Guerra, Colombia, 2004, 90m, Cesar Badillo, Ignacio Prieto A poetic and poignant story about the struggles of life and the limits of friendship. This directorial debut from Guerra, several times internationally awarded, conjures the beauty of an impeccable cinematography with a subtle dose of socio-political commentary.

DEL PALENQUE DE SAN BASILIO (PG) 4.20pm + Q&A with the director Erwin Goggle and Esperanza BiohoPerea, Colombia, 2004, 85m, Toto La Momposina, Petrona Martínez, Paulino Salgado “Batata III”
This documentary, never before screened in the UK, is an insightful study of the rarely exposed Afro-Colombian culture. It gives a close account of the most uncommon conceptions about life, death and the roots of the African ancestral legacy of a neglected community.

BLUFF (18) 6.30pm Felipe Martinez, Colombia, 2007, 103m, Victor Mallarino, Federico Lorusso, Catalina Aristizabal, Carolina Gomez, Veronica Orozco
This fantastic comedy / thriller with hair-pin plot turns and hilarious twists, narrates the story of Nicolas, a photographer who has it all until the day he finds his girlfriend about to cheat on him with his boss. Jobless, alone and frustrated, Nicolas is forced to face the ups and downs of life.

ESPECTRO (AL FINAL DEL ESPECTRO) (18) 8.35pm Juan Felipe Orozco, Colombia, 2006, 92m, NoëlleSchonwald, Julieth Restrepo With a plot full of impact, that submerges its characters in a deep and disturbing experience. In Orozcos’ words the film is “an innovative thriller in every aspect; remarkable because it’s a genre that has not been really dealt with in Colombia”.
Espectro will be preceeded by the award-winning short film PULL

'POSK Theatre, London 24TH-26TH October'
Click for full details

TEL 020 8741 0398/1887 between 6-8pm or email: info@posk.org
London Symphony Orchestra.
Rachmaninoff Festival
Barbican, London
'20th and 21st September 2008, London Symphony Orchestra Rachmaninoff Festival'
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Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 September 2008
London Symphony Orchestra Rachmaninoff Festival
Barbican, London

The great Russian conductor Valery Gergiev heads a two-day festival featuring the works of Serge Rachmaninoff with the London Symphony Orchestra at the Barbican Centre in London. As well as three concerts on Saturday 20 (7.30pm) and Sunday 21 (3.30pm & 7pm), there will be pre-concert talks and events, a Discovery Day and films featuring the works of Rachmaninoff at the Barbican Cinema.

Tickets for the concerts start from £7 and some events are free. For full details please visit the LSO website at www.lso.co.uk, where you can also book tickets online.
Slovakia festival flag
' Celebration of Slavic Culture 18th-20th July2008 London'
Click for full details

More Info to come. See www.slavfest.co.uk

Peru Flag Events
' Peru Independence Day celebration 27th July 2008 London'
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Venue- THE VIBE BAR Brick Lane, London

Cuzqueña Beer and the Vive Bar in London will welcome you to this very special event dedicated to Peru!

Fun, live music, gastronomy, celebration, dancing and culture.

A combination of unique heritage, quality food and drinks and a lot of Peruvian Passion!

Food will be provided by the prestigious Las Iguanas and Tito's restaurants.

Also the delectable Pisco Sour will be there for you!

Stalls for selling Peruvian handicrafts or products are available for hire. Please contact: 0121 449 3090 or send an email to info@abslatin.co.uk

Nearest tube station: Shoreditch, Aldgate
Colombia Flag Events
' Colombia Independence Day celebration 20th July 2008'
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Venue- Las Iguanas, Royal Festival Hall, London

Live Bands, Salsa Shows and Party,

Typical Colombian food will be available throughout the day.

Come and celebrate this very important date together with all Colombians in the UK

Nearest tube station: Waterloo
Organisers of Latin Events
' UK's Ultimate Latin Music & Dance Festival Sept. 08'
Click for full details

SALSA KINGDOM is the UK's Ultimate Latin Music & Dance Festival, billed by the media as the biggest salsa event in the UK, 5th,6th & 7th Sept 08 at Park Hall Hotel, Camelot, Lancashire PR7 5LP.

Salsa Kingdom has one of the best congress line ups ever, Ft Dancers MARIA TORRES, TITO& TAMARA, ADRIAN AND ANITA, SUSANA MONTERO AND LEON ROSE, CHACHI, SEKOU MCMILLER, RAFAEL DE BUSTO, MAURICIO REYES, LUIS SALGADO, KELVIN AND LORI, MO FLEX, IRESOL CORDONA, CAROL ANN STEPHENSON, JERMAINE BROWNE, MARITZA REVERON, MO T, MEL C, FRANKLYN & BRIGITTE, SIMON TAYLOR, AND MANY MORE Ft Artists 9 times Latin Grammy Winner "Eddie Palmieri" & The Legendary "New Swing Sextet" Ft DJ's include Henry Knowles, Lubi, Julian The Duke, Mauricio Reyes, Pepe Bassan & Recardo.

For more information go to www.salsakingdom.co.uk
Global Local at The University of London Union(ULU).
Organisers of Latin Events
Click for full details
GLOBAL LOCAL - The UK's finest and hottest festival bands

THE DESTROYERS Vs DHOL BLASTERS - A 19 piece insane mix of Gypsy Brass with Indian Dhol and Bhangra - a London premiere spectacular not to be missed

MAX PASHM - Genius Hebrew Remixer with klezmer superhero Merlin Shepherd and band. London Premier (Westbury Music)

LATIN DUB SOUNDSYSTEM - Latin meets Dub, Ska and Beats - 12 piece band

LISA KNAPP - Scotland's best and most innovative new acoustic songstress (Magpie's Nest / Ear To The Ground Records)

DJ RUSS JONES - AKA - The Hackney Globetrotter. Champion of the Gypsy Beat


Times: 7pm - 11.30pm

Venue: ULU - Byng Place London WC1E 7HY

globallocal.co.uk - continentaldrfis.co.uk - 0208 509 3353


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http://www.movimientos.org.uk organisers of latin events
Movimientos Live at The Notting Hill Arts Club.
Organisers of Latin Events
'The sound of Londons Latin alternative Tuesday 25th March 2008 '
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Widescreen (Live)
Widescreen are a 3-piece electronic/flamenco global beat act. Originated by the 70's Prog/Classical Guitarist David Clark Allen of Carmen fame. Their music is a fascinating mix of Classical Spanish Flamenco, Mediterranean and eastern European groove and electronic beats. At times it seems quiet purist and then it will magically shift into the outer-worldly yet always flowing always remaining exciting and uplifting. Since their beginnings last year they have already supported Ojos De Brujo, Eliades Ochoa and Buena Vista Social Club!! Expect something special from this fast rising group.
artist's personal website: http://www.myspace.com/widescreenband

Thyagi Das & Tu Kriya Tu (Live)
Conscious Samba and Brazilian groove

Guest DJ Javier Goyes + DJ Cal Jader (Movimientos) & Zen (Sonic 360)
Musica Mestiza, from Folkloric to Electronic, new wave Cumbia, Latin Dub, Norteno beats, Reggae-Ska, Rumba, Rock, Hip Hop, Baile Funk, Salsa, Latin House, Brazilian Drum n Bass & beyond

Entry: £5 (Free b4 8)
Notting Hill Arts Club
21 Notting Hill Gate, W11 3JQ
(2mins from Notting Hill Gate tube)

http://www.movimientos.org.uk organisers of latin events
'In aid of the Luchy Kain Cancer Trust '
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Hinde Street Church
19 Thayer Street,
London W1U 2QJ

Nearest tube: Bond Street (Close to the Wigmore Hall)
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Reserve in advance by calling 07957 282 857 or 07817 753 301 or leave an answerphone message on 01483 205 433 or email to evva.mizerska@googlemail.com PAY AT THE DOOR ON THE NIGHT

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3 corners of the world concert Latin Events

Sunny Holidays - All about Poland - Polish, Czech Online Recruitment Services -


Population: 5.4m
UK Slovak Pop: ?
Size: 48,845 sq km
Capital: Bratislava, 0.4m
Per Capita $21,900 (2009)
Language: Slovak 84%, Hungarian 10.7%,
Religions: Roman Catholic 69%, Protestant 11%
Internet users: 3.5million

Czech Republic

Population: 10.2m
UK Czech Pop: ?
Size: 78,866 sq km
Capital: Prague, 1.3m
Per Capita $24,900 (2009)
Language: Czech 94%, Slovak 2%
Religions: Roman Catholic 27%, Protestant 2%
Internet users: 6million


Population: 38.5m
UK Polish Pop: estimated 0.75m
Size: 312,685 sq km
Capital: Warsaw, 2.2m
Per Capita $17,900 (2009)
Language: Polish 98%, Other 2%
Religions: Roman Catholic 90%
Internet users: 18.6 million


Population: 140m
UK Russian Pop: ?
Size: 17,075,200 sq km
Capital: Moscow, 10.7m
Per Capita $15,100 (2009)
Language: Russian 100%
Religions: Russian Orthodox 15%–20%
Internet users: 45.2 million


Population: 10m
UK Hungarian Pop: ?
Size: 93,030 sq km
Capital: Budapest, 2.6m
Per Capita $18,800 (2009)
Language: Magyar (Hungarian) 94%
Religions: Roman Catholic 52%
Internet users: 5.8 million


Population: 22.3m
UK Romanian Pop: ?
Size: 237,500 sq km
Capital: Bucharest, 2.2m
Per Capita $11,500(2009)
Language: Romanian (official 91%), Hungarian 6.7%, Other 2%
Religions: Romanian Orthodox 87%
Internet users: 6.1million


Population: 46m
UK Ukrainian Pop: ?
Size: 603,700 sq km
Capital: Keiv, 3.2m
Per Capita $6,300(2009)
Language: Ukrainian 67%, Russian 24%
Religions: Ukrainian Orthodox (Kiev Patriarchate) 19%
Internet users: 10.3million


Population: 3.6m
UK Lithuania Pop: ?
Size: 65,200 sq km
Capital: Vilnius, 0.5m
Per Capita $15,500(2009)
Language: Lithuanian 82% (official), Russian 8%, Polish 6%
Religions: Roman Catholic 79%, Russian Orthodox 4%
Internet users: 1.7million


Population: 1.3m
UK Estonia Pop: ?
Size: 43,211 sq km
Capital: Tallinn, 0.5m
Per Capita $16,400/£8325
Language: Estonian 67% (official), Russian 30%
Religions: Evangelical Lutheran 14%, Russian Orthodox 13%
Internet users: 880,000


Population: 7.3m
UK Bulgarian Pop: 30,000
Size: 110,549 sq km
Capital: Sofia, 1.1m
Per Capita $12,500
Language: Bulgarian 85%, Turkish 10%, Roma 4%
Religions: Bulgarian Orthodox 83%, Islam 12%
Internet users: 2.6m


Population: 2.2m
UK Latvia Pop: ?
Size: 64,589 sq km
Capital: Riga, 0.8m
Per Capita $14,400 (2009)
Language: Latvian 58%, Russian 37%, Other 4%
Religions: Lutheran 19.6%, Orthodox 15.3%
Internet users: 1.2m